CONTROL 2.0 RIC Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aid Kit with App Personalization


CONTROL 2.0 RIC Rechargeable OTC Hearing Aid Kit with App Personalization


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Product description
Our HearingAssist CONTROL 2.0 Kit pairs with our HearingAssist STREAM app to let users control exactly what they want to hear. Through the app, you can control volume, modes, background noise, amplification of different frequencies, and more to suit your individual needs. The app is simple to use and the phone does not have to be present for the devices to work - simply set up once and they will stay in that mode, or adjust your settings with the simple interface as often as you wish.

Getting Started: CONTROL 2.0

Getting Started: The App

Your sound.
Your environment.
Your HearingAssist.

Our longest battery life yet.

  • Up to 16 hours of listening time on one charge.
  • Up to 70 hours of listening time, using the rechargeable carrying case.

State of the Art Technology

Receiver In Canal provides the best sound delivery and excellent high-frequency response for higher pitched voices like women & children or tweeting birds!
IP65 Sweat and Water Resistance provides protection so you can remain active and on the go!

You are in power…

  • Portable Charging Case to charge them 4 times over
  • Rechargeable, never change a battery again
  • Magnetic Dock makes recharging snappy

Jam packed features…

  • Digital Sound provides vibrant sound quality
  • Directional Microphones to track your conversation
  • Advanced Digital Feedback Suppression (whistle)
  • Advanced Background Noise Reduction keeps distractions to a minimum
  • Volume & Program Control directly on the unit or in the STREAM app to hear exactly what you want to hear

In the Box

HearingAssist CONTROL 2.0
Portable charging case
Silicone ear tips (3 styles each with 3 sizes: S, M, L)
Cleaning tool
USB cable with AC/DC adapter

Bluetooth audio streaming not supported in this model.

  • Receiver in Canal design better for high-frequency sounds
  • Rechargeable
  • Directional microphones
  • Magnetic snap charge dock
  • Customize your environment with 4 programs &
    11 volume levels directly on the device or in the free app.
  • Advanced digital feedback suppression (whistle)
  • Advanced background noise reduction
  • Crystal clear digital sound
  • Personalize to your needs with the HearingAssist STREAM app
  • Simple, Illustrated Instruction Manual
  • Multiple ear cap sizes
  • 1-year warranty

    Guides & Manuals

    (Coming soon)

      HearingAssist STREAM App

      App Store - Apple

      Google Play Store - Android